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Multimedia Series

Welcome to 'A New Era in Anticoagulation for AF and VTE Multimedia Patient Series'. This collection of videos has been created to help address some of the myths and concerns you may have around anticoagulation treatments and their role in preventing AF stroke.

Within this series you will find a growing volume of videos covering everything from treatment issues like 'How do the newer anticoagulants differ to warfarin?' to more practical topics such as, 'How do I look after a loved one with atrial fibrillation?'

The series will continue to grow, with new videos and materials added regularly. Please come back regularly to view new content!

We hope you find this multimedia series a valuable resource to support you and your loved ones affected by AF.

  • Reducing your Stroke Risk in atrial fibrillation

    Have you ever heard of atrial fibrillation, the most common heart rhythm disorder? Do you know that atrial fibrillation can cause a stroke? Or that 9 out of 10 strokes related to atrial fibrillation are ischaemic? Want to find out more? Watch the video.