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Using Other Medications

Tell your doctor about all the medications, herbs, vitamins, and supplements you are taking. Some medicines can work against other drugs, either increasing or decreasing treatment effects. To manage possible side effects, ask your doctor or pharmacist if your current medications can be safely taken together. Your doctor may decide to make some changes to your medication plan to help keep you safe.


Your health will benefit as soon as you start moving more. The good news is that having AF doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise. In fact, there are so many activities for you to try, you’re sure to find something you enjoy!

Emotional health

It’s quite common to feel anxious or low if you’ve been recently diagnosed with AF or are still coming to terms with it. It’s important to see your doctor– particularly as feeling anxious can make you less able to stick to a new drug regime or willing to make those small lifestyle changes with your diet and exercise that can have such big benefits for you.

Food for thought

Taking small steps in your eating habits can make a big difference. As soon as you start to eat more healthily you’ll notice a difference in how you feel – and you’ll find it easier to manage your weight, too.

Always ask your doctor if your stroke medication interacts with any foods and if there are restrictions on what you eat.

Travel implications

Discover some top tips for travelling if you have AF, to help you minimise any risks.