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Useful tools

These tools may be helpful when you talk to your doctor

My AF Plan

This tool will make it easier for you to discover which parts of this website are most relevant to you and your situation. Just take a moment to answer a few simple questions, then you can start exploring more ways to manage your AF and reduce your risk of stroke.

Medication Review

Please use the online medication review to help you remember the different medications you’re taking and at which times of the day. It can be really useful to print out and take with you when you go to see your doctor, rather than having to try and remember everything on the spot. It will also make it easier for your doctor to track your medication too.

Stroke Risk Assessment Tool

This tool will help you understand your own risk, and why it is important to follow your doctor’s advice. Showing the results to your doctor next time you meet, may allow your doctor to reassure you about the actions that have been taken to safeguard you against your personal risks.

Guide Request

You can request a handy guide to keep lots of useful information about living with AF, and how to reduce your risk of stroke, all in one place. You can download a PDF version of the guide.

Doctor discussion aid

This discussion aid will help you when you discuss your AF with your doctor. Sharing the questions with your doctor could help you understand what you can do to safeguard your own health more, and the importance of following your doctor’s advice.